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When caring for seniors, we understand the level of patience and attention that is needed to ensure they are taken care of properly. We are extremely confident in our ability to provide satisfactory care for seniors with our versatile services. If you or anyone you know needs senior care in Austin, TX, you should consider Longhorns Inhome Health Services.

Our senior care service includes a number of different tasks. For one, we can assist patients with all of their daily maintenance needs. This includes feeding assistance, bathing assistance, dressing assistance, mobility help. We can also help with changing and hygiene if our patients require adult diapers. Lastly, our senior care services include light housekeeping duties such as making beds and handling laundry.

If our patients need to go somewhere outside of their home, we can provide apt transportation. This can be for anything such as a trip to the grocery store, the bank, hospital, or social function. Wherever they need to go, we will take them there safely.

Our senior care assistants are also trustworthy when it comes to finance managing. If our patients require assistance with paying bills, keeping a checkbook balanced or any other general responsibilities regarding money – we have reliable assistants that you can count on.  

Our caregivers are some of the nicest people you will meet. Not only are they experienced caregivers, but they have also assisted a variety of different patients and are able to adjust regardless of the situation. All of our patients have enjoyed improved quality of life with our assistance.

Longhorns Inhome Health Services guarantees outstanding senior care services for all residents of Austin! Reach out to us today.

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